Strange guitars

The guitar has a lot of variations, more or less useful,

but most of the time, builders put extra-strings to create hybrids, harp-guitar, lyra-guitar, sympathetic strings guitar, or took off some strings for more primal versions.


The theorbo is the ancestor of guitars with added bass strings, at this time very bass strings = very long strings, so very long neck.

Modern adaptation of the theorbo, the harp-guitar, strings are shorter, thicker and metallic, but same principle!

The Hashem is a double neck guitar with an extra bowed neck, with many possiblities and tones, played by his creator Esteban Antonio.

Final boss of extra strings, Pat Metheny‘s Pikasso!


On the other side, we found minimalist guitars, because one string is enough!

My own version, a tin can, one string and a piezo!

The famous Cigar Box Guitar, often 3 or 4 strings, played slide or frets, a homemade classic!


The giant Flying V guitar, too big to be played!

The augmented guitar, the SENSUS Smart Guitar, with additional controllers on the neck and the body.

Hans Reichel was a musician and inventor, he made several creative guitars, this one is a two necks multiple boards guitar, for an original double tapping playing!

Do not hesitate to improve the list in the comments, there is a lot more! And suscribe to follow the next ones!

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