• Aerophones

    Crystal sounds and glass instruments

    A glass instrument immediately brings an imaginary. Crystal clear sound, delicate resonance, fragile beauty… There are several ways to use glass for the manufacture of musical instruments, such as an idiophone, as a resonator or [...]

The music of mouth bows

The mouth bow is the simplest instrument of musical bows family, which also includes berimbau or pluriarc (we will talk about later). It is basically a string stretched by a folded branch, the musician’s mouth […]

On this blog you will find articles about musical instruments, for now it’s just the beginning, I work on it!

I will use instrument classification to make categories, the basics are Aerophones, Cordophones, Electrophones, Idiophones and Membranophones.

An aerophone produces sound by causing a body of air to vibrate.

In this family yo will find the flutes :