Fire, Wind Thunder…The Music of the Elements

Making music with flames, control thunder, lead the elements like Olympus gods and tune them on a major scale, musicians can do it too!


The fire organ by Michel Moglia from France, huge structure of metal pipes played with flame-throwers, programmed or manual, the fire resonates the air column of the pipes, a unique sound!

Le principe du pyrophone date de 1870, découvert par Frédéric Kastner, ici une version expérimentale par Daniel Durox.

The pyrophone was invented in 1870 by Frédéric Kastner, here an experimental version by Daniel Durox.


The Tesla coil can be used as a musical instrument, controlling the frequency of the electric arc to form notes. I tried Björk‘s instrument, the acoustic sound is impressive!


La harpe éolienne est composée de cordes plutôt détendues mises en vibration par un courant d’air, le son est hypnotique, et Stan Hershonik nous explique comment la fabriquer, testé et approuvé, il faut juste attendre le vent!

The wind harp, with unstrung strings wich vibrate with an air flow, got an hypnotic sound, and Stan Hershonik tells us how to make it, tested and approved, just wait for the wind!

This instrument is in Burnley, England. The pipes are ringing with the wind, hard to record!


A giant natural idiophone tuned by Earth itself, what else?


Water can be a percussion instrument, one of the rare instruments you can play from the inside!

And finally, an instrument I also work on these times, I will add my own prototype when it is ready!

Do not hesitate to complete the list in the comments section!

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