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    The true story of Cat Organ

    The Cat Organ The cat organ, or cat piano, is an imaginary instrument or supposedly imaginary (I hope) appeared several times in the literature, notably in a text by Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin: The most curious was [...]

Bagpipes from everywhere

A strange and familiar instrument, quite unknown but widespread, the bagpipe is an aerophone usually composed by several reed instruments, single reed, double reed or free reed depending on the instruments, powered by a bag […]


Buzzing strings and flat bridges

Buzzing strings There is a fascinating category of stringed instruments, with a strange and bewitching sound, in which Indian lutes, Ethiopian zithers and badly tuned cheap guitars can be found, the “buzzing” strings. These instruments […]


Baschet brothers, sound creators

Bernard and François Baschet François Baschet (1920-2014) and Bernard Baschet (1917-2015), who had recently disappeared, were two french musical instruments creators that revolutionized acoustics and instrumental building, using unique sound transmission methods. François Baschet‘s first […]


Strange guitars

The guitar has a lot of variations, more or less useful, but most of the time, builders put extra-strings to create hybrids, harp-guitar, lyra-guitar, sympathetic strings guitar, or took off some strings for more primal […]


Everything about bowed zithers

Bowed zithers…don’t know what I talk about? A zither is a chordophone whose strings are stretched all along the sound box. We find crate zithers, tubular zithers, stick zithers…the strings are often plucked or hit, […]


Crystal sounds and glass instruments

A glass instrument immediately brings an imaginary. Crystal clear sound, delicate resonance, fragile beauty… There are several ways to use glass for the manufacture of musical instruments, such as an idiophone, as a resonator or […]


The music of mouth bows

The mouth bow is the simplest instrument of musical bows family, which also includes berimbau or pluriarc (we will talk about later). It is basically a string stretched by a folded branch, the musician’s mouth […]


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